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Su Seymour Gosports Autism Ambassador

I would like to introduce to you Su Seymour. Su is an Accredited Autism Ambassador and completed her training with Hampshire Autism Premiership Board.


Su was late to be diagnosed with autism which has made life difficult for her. Now she wants to help other families supporting their children, young or older. 


Su, is fully trained to be an Hampshire Autism Ambassador and having completed all  modules at level 2 and advanced, Su is qualified to train others to be Autism Ambassadors too.

Su can answer any question about autism and give help with situations, such as going into hospital or helping to give solutions to problems with social occasions. 


One of Su's  favourite pastimes is singing.




Su is  the Gosport and CHAT2Us Autism Ambassador, can be contacted through us.

Su Seymour ABC level 3 certificate in counselling skills
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