Su Seymour Gosports Autism Ambassador

I would like to introduce to you Su Seymour. Su is an Accredited Autism Ambassador and completed her training with Autism Hampshire. Growing up with a trait of autism this has given the confidence to help others. Fighting against scepticism that Su couldn’t do the service well; her own GP refused her offer of training for their staff, She feels it was because she has autism but that’s why she is an expert.

Fully trained to be an Autism Ambassador and having completed all  modules at level 2 and Advanced Su is qualified to train others to be autism ambassadors too. Su is so proficient she can help AH trainers update their trainers. She is a volunteer at Autism Hampshire and helps at St Vincent College as an Ambassador and where they run a little group for students to come and ask questions of her


Su would love to put her training into practice. She is willing to train any group that may come across people with autism. Su can answer any question about autism and give help with situations such as going into hospital or helping to give solutions to problems with social occasions. 


Su is on the Transforming Care Partnership Board and fighting to get the myths that autism is either mental health or a learning disability. As Su says ’Most of the time I have no voice, no choice but I fight for others’.


One of the things Su loves doing is singing so she and a friend, also with autism, have a ‘Singing Spectrum group’ where they raise money for Autism Hampshire (AH), they also sing at Reilly Enterprise events for their charity.


To get the full Ambassador accreditation Su needs to be helping other groups so would love to hear from you.


Su who is CHAT2Us' Autism Ambassador, can be contacted through us.

Su's CHAT Gosport Ambassador Badge
Su Seymour ABC level 3 certificate in counselling skills