General Data Protection Regulation 2018

​With the new GDPR law we are required to inform you of the way we use and store your personal details.

CHAT2Us  are funded for two years by the Peoples Health Trust as such we need to collect information from the people that we help and attend our events. This makes sure we are helping the people that the money is intended for. i.e. the lonely, and those living in certain areas i.e. those living in the PO12 area of Gosport. We need to send in a report every 6 months to hopefully get the next 6 months finances to continue CHAT2Us. On June 16th 2018 we will be celebrating our first year and AGM of CHAT2Us. We are now into our 3rd year with a change of name to CHAT2Us after all  that is what we want people to do!

Each time you come to one of our events we will ask you to sign in with your name, postcode, age group, ethnicity and gender. I hope you are happy to oblige but you can just leave us your first name if you want. We store this on a secure computer system and stored on a secure server and use to send in reports to our funder.


Because of the type of help we give we do not destroy your paperwork until your PIP application is over i.e. 2 years if we have not heard from you to renew your application then we will assume you have gone elsewhere for assistance and will destroy everything we hold for you.

If you are not happy with our service please speak to ............ Ms. Jeanette Perry

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