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Today I met with Julie D'Arcy owner of One of a Kind in Whitworth Road in Gosport. When I got there she was putting on a grey coat of paint on a set of bookshelves. She told me she was in midst of rearranging the shop so all the items she was working on would be at the back before they were mixed in with the finished projects. I showed her the poster I had briefly got together this morning showing the photos I took when I first nticed the shop when I was on the bus. I stopped and had a chat with her and she agreed she would come to one of our meetings and show us just how we can updo! If only more people would do this not only does it save less items going to landfill but it also saves us money, gives us time to show off our creativity and allows us to give our minds a rest for all the hassle that is going on in our life.

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