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£508! For Ukraine!

Following our Open Day in Support of Ukraine we are proud to announce our successful month of raising funds for our fellow Europeans. It is hard to watch the news to find out the awful things that are being done to them and their Country.

A big thank you to members and volunteers especially, Ginny, Jane and Sandy who were busy making items to sell. £258 was given to Jacobs Well to help with transport fees to take out local donations to Poland and Romania for the Ukrainians. The other £250 was donated to NatWest Bank who will match-fund it, making a grand total of £758 going out to support them.

Meanwhile, I have been knitting Trauma Teddies which were collected by Facebook group, Packs of Love & Sewing for Ukraine Packs of Love & Sewing for Ukraine | Facebook. This local voluntary group, have been busy sewing bags, making small toys and providing essential toiletries to send out to orphanages in Ukraine. Jacobs Well, Jacobs Well | Facebook have been filling huge lorries. The residents of Gosport have been donating everything they can from clothes, food, toiletries, small toys, and bedding. I am just pleased that CHAT2Us have been able to help a little.

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