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A Big Thank You to Co-Operative and ASDA !

We would like to say how grateful we are to the Co-operative and ASDA for their generations donations to our group.

The Co-Op customers have been donating to CHAT2Us through their website with every Co-Op own product purchase . In January we received almost £950 and this Saturday we had another £560 put into our bank account.

And in January I applied to ASDA to go into their Green Token Scheme but with Covid-19 on the horizon this was suspended. I never thought any more of it until I received an email to say we would be getting a cheque for £300 a third of the donations they usually give to the 3 groups who are being voted for.

It tops our bank account up to allow us to continue for a few months more. I still have more work to do to get funding so we can continue further into the New Year but for now it allows us to continue supporting those who need the little bit extra.

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