Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we have cancelled all future meetings at the Henry Cook Centre until it is deemed for our members to come together. The Prime Minister made comment of all over 70yr olds confining themselves to home (self-isolating) for 12weeks, this makes it June 8th. So unless we hear further bad news we hope to see y ou then. The latest news,RT0D,1OMCSW,3BY1Y,1

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Keep Your Spirits Up

There is light at the end of this dreary tunnel. The sun will be shining more and we will soon have all had the coronavirus innoculation. If you would like to join us on Zoom or Messenger (or whatsapp

A Big Thank You to Co-Operative and ASDA !

We would like to say how grateful we are to the Co-operative and ASDA for their generations donations to our group. The Co-Op customers have been donating to CHAT2Us through their website with every

Oh Well We Tried!

Unfortunately the worry of COVID19 has meant we need to have shut our meetings. Your health and wellbeing is our main concern so we are not expecting to resume until the New Year. However, CHAT2Us is

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