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Look Who We Have Coming for Lunch

Our itinerary for next few Monthly Meetings at the Henry Cook Centre...

  • September 20th Hants & IOW Fire service no fire engine but we have been promised a burly fireman! Talk on safety in the home, we we are coming into the winter months

  • October 18th..ASDA 'Cook a family meal for a fiver' .. we need 8 volunteers who want to participate to cook and eat . .. let me know your name...

  • November 15th Dan Ball from the Army Museum will be bringing artefacts for us to see and touch.

  • December 13th (a week early) - Gift and Games Come along and get some last minute presents and let's party out and play some games. CHAT2Us early Christmas party leaves you time to get into the party spirit (Oh! no spirits served).

And we will have our usual lunch and refreshments. All welcome to attend.

If you need assistance coming to our meetings we maybe able to help. Please contact us on 07450028410 or fill in the form on the Contact Us page.

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