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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have enjoyed a good 2023 and are now looking forward to an even better 2024.

I have not made an itinery yet for this year, as last year we, at times, had too busy a month so I think a little bit of reflection on who we have seen and what we have done is best before deciding on what or who would like to see this year. Although we will continue to see Jacqui every two weeks and we shall ask Diane to book us in some relaxation when she is able to.

We had a busy time knitting and crocheting blankets, hats and baby bits. Over 120 blankets were taken over to the Portsmouth Ukranian group by Joy and over 20 hats. There was lots. I am talking in access of 100!, baby hats and cardigans knitted by Leslie and Norma and were taken over to Queen Alexandra Hospital Neonatal Unit. I am sure these knits will continue into the future, and as long as they are needed. I am positive we will be asked to help with other projects by local groups that we will, of course, give all we can too.

Meanwhile if you do think of something you would like to see or something you would like to do in our weekly meetings or if you think the group would like to somewhere locally, please let me or one of our lovely Volunteers know. Thank you, see you on January 8th 2024 11am!

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