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Who Are We?  CHAT2US Trustees'

CHAT2US Volunteers come from all walks of life but in fact the reason they are here is because they enjoy meeting people and care about them.

Jeanette is our Project Manager and at present Treasurer too! She is also the main lady if you have problems filling in forms, especially for disabled benegits. Jeanette has a secretarial background and worked at Royal Hospital Haslar and Queen Alexandra Hospital.  She has gone through a few problems in her life so is just the lady when you need paperwork done.

Our Second in Charge is Leslie, she is an ex-social worker who worked with vulnerable and elderly adults. Leslie is very important in our group. An active lady who loves to keep fit, however a fractured hip slowed her down earlier in the year. Now getting back to her usual self she is a keen Litterpicker, which she does during her walks with her friend and neighbour. Leslie is avid about the work we do so if you would like to find out more please get in touch, she would love to meet you.

Su is our Autism Ambassador and is there to give us the help we need when speaking to anyone with an autism trait.

Having a form of autism, she reminds us that everyone of us is different, and can be mildly or more severely affected by autism.  She has trained doctors and nurses at local hospitals on how to care for someone with autism traits  for going into hospital can be so difficult for a lot of people but more so if you are on the autism spectrum.

Unfortunately for us Chris, our ex-Childrens Social Worker, has now retired to the Isle of Wight with her new partner.. we wish the very best to them both and thank Chris for the time she put into CHAT2Us over the years.

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