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Social CHATs are what we are calling our get-togethers. Where we can meet new friends and contacts in a friendly social occasion and drink a cuppa or two. We can also play a few board games too. 

If we decide we need to chat some more we can do this at a time and place convenient to both of us.

At our new base, Henry Cook Centre, we have a dedicated room where we can go off and talk in private every week. Just call us before so we can make sure we are not overbooked, 07450028410. Thank you.

CHAT2US Support

We all need a little support now and again and that's when CHAT is here to help.

For gone are the neighbour - hoods from times gone by when if we were stuck with a problem we could just knock on a door.

We can help with problems on who to go to when you have a problem with your housing to ones which mean you need someone to go to court with you or theres a form that you can't fill in or a problem reading or using a computer. CHAT willdo their best to help you out. 

Then what we do next is up to you!

We like to support our community and if there is a Litterpick even across our area we like to join in.

Our members are free to select an area near them that isn't looking at its best and feel that it could do with a clean.

Our Litterpicks are always a good social event. Getting in contact with your neighbours at the same time caring for our environment.

CHAT2US Friendship Group

We are lucky enough to be able to hold a weekly Craft, Knit & Natter Group. Our ladies were enjoying getting together and wanted to extend their group to a weekly event. When I informed them that CHAT didn't have the finances to hire the hall weekly 'One of a Kind Studios' Julie D'Arcy jumped in with'" You can use my shop!". So now the weeks we are not at Thorngate we are at her Whitworth Road shop from 10:30 til 12:30 on Mondays. Our members also suggested they donate £2 to CHAT for holding our events and supplying refreshments and materials if needed. Julie was kind enough to let us use the shop free but we believe we should pay something to her so our subs go to Julie to help towards her electricity etc. A big "THANK YOU JULIE!!" from all of us.

We knit tiny hats, and cardi's for Queen Alexandra Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, fidget sleeves for parkinsons, dementia and autistic folk in our borough and we donate them to local homes.  Other items that we make we sell to help finance our group.

If you enjoy anything crafty come and join us next Monday!

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