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Coffee and Croissants

Welcome to CHAT2Us Friendship & Support

Supporting the people of Ukraine in their own country and the UK

The group are proud to support our Ukraine residents and those in Ukraine. We knit and crochet squares which we then make into blankets. Everything we make is given to 'Portsmouth Helps Ukraine' , a facebook group, which they then co-ordinate with other groups to send out to Ukraine. We are very pleased we can do something to support the families still in Ukraine

If you have any spare wool please ge
t in touch with us. Our members are currently knitting blankets, hats, scarves & gloves to send out ready for the autumn. 07450028410 Jeanette.


Are you looking for friendship and support? CHAT2Us Gosport & Fareham and their friendly team are ready to lend an ear and provide weekly companionship. Helping you through life's challenges.
      Join us today and discover a brighter tomorrow!


We are a local not for profit Friendship & Support Group from Gosport, Hampshire in the UK who have recently received funding from Groundwork (Tesco) to extend our support for residents of Fareham in Hampshire too. We give support to local residents who need someone that can sit down with them and find a solution for their problem/s. We are presently the only group that provide home visits for the disabled, elderly and vulnerable.We help to provide support with forms, benefits, disabled aids or any problem that you need a helping hand with.. CHAT2Us also hold weekly meetings where anyone can come and join in. We enjoy a hot cuppa and refreshments and of course a good chat. We hope to encourage you to join our fortnightly 'movement to mobility' classes with Jacqui Good. Or take a chance to learn something new when we try different crafts - Or come and join us when we invite speakers and groups to inform us what they do. The whole occasion is a chance to find out about something new and get to know fellow members and make lifelong friends. CHAT2Us can provide transport for you if you need it so you can join us. Just send us a message or contact us on the talk button.

Please note:


We do not work 24/7 but all messages, texts, emails will be answered as soon as we are able.


If URGENT please phone and if not answered, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Phone 07450028410 thank you

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