CHAT2US History

A Voice For Gosport was the overriding driving force behind wanting to help the people of Gosport. However we soon realised that people wanted help with their personal lives not just what was happening in Gosport. June 2016 was when AVFG Advocacy 25/55 was set up particularly for the working-aged person. We then realised people just didn't know what we were for thats when we decided to re-brand to CHAT Confidential Help and Advice Team. An easy name to remember and one that tells everyone just what we are here to do....give confidential help and advice and as a team. Our referees' have been for all ages and not just those in Gosport either! Unfortunately that name came into problems when people didn't understand what #advocacy# was and now we are just CHAT we added the tagline chat2us, afterall thats what we do and what we want people to do...come and chat to us!With further  problems with the name chat we have now decided to stay with CHAT2Us no-one else has got this name so therefore no complications!

We all make the decisions on what happens next in CHAT2Us so if you have an idea and you would like us to give it a try please contact us.

Originally we opened with the help of Radio Haslar in Thorngate Halls as a drop-in on a Wednesday in their Green Room. However we seem to be contacted by more and more disabled people about their Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and those who are either working or on sick who need help with Employment Support Allowance (ESA) payments and the vulnerable so it was deemed to be safer to see them at their home and those that can then thats when we go to Thorngate Halls. If you need us to come to you please let us know.

We want to get the isolated together and a problem shared is a problem halved or so the old saying goes. We are here to help everyone so no matter what your problem is come and CHAT2US and we will see what we can do to help you.  


How about joining us on one of our Social CHAT lunches, we have tried mornings and afternoons and have settled over a lunch. Or we could go for a gentle walk and litter-pick? Its surprising how relaxing it is.

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