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CHAT2Us History

Our Facebook group A Voice For Gosport (AVFG) was the overriding driving force behind wanting to help the people of Gosport. However, we soon realised that people wanted help with their personal lives not just what was happening in Gosport. June 2016 was when AVFG Advocacy 25/55 was set up, particularly for the working-aged person. We then realised people just didn't know what we were for that's when we decided to re-brand to CHAT Confidential Help and Advice Team. An easy name to remember and one that tells everyone just what we are here to do....give confidential help and advice and as a team.

Unfortunately that name came into problems when people didn't understand what #advocacy# was and we had a few name changes until it was decided to stay with CHAT2Us. After all that is what we do and what we want people to do...come and chat to us! Gosport has been added as that is where we help the most. Although, due to our Facebook group and website  we have helped in Fareham and further afield too!

Our referrers have been for all ages and not just those in Gosport either!

We want to get the isolated together and a problem shared is a problem halved, or so the old saying goes.


CHAT2Us are here to help everyone,  no matter what your problem is come and CHAT2US and we will see what we can do to help you.


We meet weekly on Mondays at the Henry Cook Centre - Home of Waterside Bethel 11am - 1pm. From a mix of crafts, exercise and a good chat, we always find something to chat about.

How about joining us on one of our Social CHAT lunches? Meet us on the 3rd Monday of the month, every month, 11am - 1pm.


CHAT2Us are there for you throughout the year, we take only bank holidays and the Christmas 2 week break in December commencing back on the 2nd Monday of January.

Our members help to shape and make decisions on what happens next in CHAT2Us so if you have an idea and you would like us to give it a try please contact us 07450028410. And if you would like to join us please just pop in.

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