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How We Can Help

Social Prescribing and What it Means For You

CHAT2Us are able to social prescribe, in other words, get you in touch with local and national support agencies so we can help solve your problems.

From local Podiatry to a local foodbank there is someone out there who can help you.

If you have something that is worrying you come and chat 2 us.


WHAT CAN WE DO? Listen, make sure all we do is private and confidential and do it as quickly as we possibly can.

CHAT2Us  is a totally independent organisation though we may need to work in partnership with other groups to be able to fully support you.

We do not work for the Social Services or the NHS. This means we can support you to have a say if you are not happy with your care. 

We are here to see you are given choices so that YOU can make the right decision for you.

We will never do anything against your will.

We will try our hardest to get you the result you hope for, but that may not always be possible!

We are a not-for profit organisation run totally by Volunteers. We have been lucky to have been awarded funding from several different organisations in the past, Greggs, Tesco, Asda, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Fund and this year (2023) we were lucky enough to have had funding from The National Lottery Community Fund which will keep us going until January 2024 and Groundworks through Tesco, Gosport and Fareham stores which means we can help more people into the New Year.. We are always looking at ways to fund our extra special days, days out and celebrations throughout the year.

An Aerial view of Gosort Marina

Military Aid


Are you or have you ever been with the Military Services? Even if you only

signed up for 1 day!​​

Gosport has a big military background with many time served among us and we intend to give them our full support.

We are linked to the Veterans Outreach Support Team in Portsmouth and Combat Stress who are already sending their Veterans to us for help with their PIP and ESA forms, among other things. 

Disability Keyboard buttons
Gosport Access Group and Disability Forum (GAGDF)

​​GAGDF are fully supportive of CHAT2Us knowing how important it is for the disabled in our community.

The recent change in legislation from the Disabled Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments has left many feeling vulnerable and needing support.

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