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Our Services

'A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved' this is what CHAT2Us believes.

If you are having problems then we can help you deal with them. No more hiding them away and things getting worse! Everyone needs someone to talk to, to air our view, share our concerns, coming to our coffee mornings you will be able to find a linkminded person to talk to.

If you struggling with loneliness and need someone to talk to then you can CHAT2Us.

With recent funding from Tesco Groundwork, we are now able to visit clients in Fareham aswell as Gosport. If you know someone in Fareham who needs our support please pass our number onto them 07450028410, don't worry about the costs as we can Call You Back!!

Putting you in contact with our likeminded people that want to get out of their houses and meet new friends, try something new and keep fit and active.

Friendship Group

CHAT2Us Friendship


Is a weekly group of people who want to come to a relaxed social group to find company and support.

Fed up of sitting at home bored or alone? CHAT2Us is for you!

Come along to our meetings held at the Henry Cook Centre-

Home of Waterside Bethel, pop in on a Monday between 11am-1pm or contact us first and we can meet you to ensure you are feeling safe.

We are a very friendly bunch enjoying a good natter with a beverage of your choice with biscuits and cakes.

During our time together we get to enjoy crafts, speakers and 'mobility to music' exercise sessions. Join in with it all or just do what you feel, you will always feel welcome.

Problems getting to us? Give us a call on 07450028410 , if you are worried about costs, send a text instead with name and best time for us to call you.

CHAT2Us Support


Are you by yourself and have a problem or need some help, then CHAT2Us will meet you at your home or place of your choice. We will listen to find out how we can help or whether we need io put you in contact with someone else. We will also discuss what further help is required.

CHAT2Us can help you fill in forms, open letters that you are concerned about. Go online to help you or help you to go online to learn the basics of computer use.

We can help with debts, housing issues.

Give you advice on how best to go about claiming Personal Independence Payments, Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Universal Credit and other benefits.

If you have a problem don't dwell on it, please get in touch 07450028410

What Our Clients Say About Us


It's nice knowing I can get some support through here so a big thank you again W x


​Just to say thank you for your company and the help you have done for me and others. Love C


Thank you you've actually made me feel hope today in amongst the sadness x  


Thank you for the link I will have a look at it and see what I can do thanks again x

Thank you sooo much for your love and support your one in a million beautiful lady. from T

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